This hot topic needs to stop within the community of all naked people.

Why do I believe this? The reasoning is a simple one, being at one with yourself naked, and or within a social community setting, is firstly an experience that a person chooses at varying times, both in their lives and for a multitude of reasons.

The one common denominator is the fact that we all get naked because it makes us all feel good. Does it really matter why or how a person chooses to be naked and to feel good about it? In my opinion no!

For years I have listened to and read stories upon stories about what is right, what is wrong, what it should be and what shouldn’t be, what it is and what it isn’t.

The fact of the matter is as long as people choose to judge others, then this will be an ongoing subject of dissention for years to come.

Some of us get naked at home only because that is our comfort level, but at the end of the day they are happy with who they are and what they do. Then there are those of us whom prefer hiking naked through the forest, along a trail, having a swim in the lake, rivers, oceans and streams. Again these people are at peace with themselves and are enjoying what they love to do. Others choose to share their happiness more outwardly and in public, hence participating in a naked bike ride, an organized painting event or rallies. These too are at peace within themselves, as they are getting what they need and desire out of their love to shed their clothing.

Moving along we then have some of us that choose the resorts, the gated communities, which are all different in and of themselves. These clubs and organizations might offer more services to families, while others focus more on the couple environment. Some allow singles, some don’t, again for their own reasoning. However, people will find what best meets their needs and what community of people they wish to enjoy their naked time with and how to go about being happy and stress free.

Just today I read a response to a question posed to a group in social media. The question “What is a True Nudist”? Once again I am reading a division through perception that, and I quote “a naturist is one who prefers to be nude or close to it, they aren’t thinking or acting in a sexual way, basically the same way as a clothed person is but only nude. They also talk to you and your face, not your body”. Now most would agree that this statement was pretty fair and a very positive perception to the question. However, the quote furthers in explanation as follows “A nudist is more vague because stingers like to be nude also, but are more interested in sex and checking out what others look like then just relaxing. Exhibitionists are also nudist, but for their own reason. True nudist is nothing really, just a term to me”. Well as you can see the division is made clear by the perception of this one individual and I believe there are many more whom might see things the same way as this person did.

I suppose I could choose be offended by the latter half of the statement, as I very often for a lack of a better word promote freely to the world that I am a proud nudist. I suppose I could also take exception to the fact that because of one word that I am perceived possibly as a lower standard within the world wide stage of the naked community. Fortunately, I do realize that a message of non- sexual nudity is a preferred way to communicate to the world that we welcome others to participate. That being said I also know that many naked people claim and promote to others that you will never feel more comfortable in this NON-JUGEMENTAL community atmosphere.

Does that Non Judgement attitude stop at body acceptance only? Or should we be looking beyond that and start looking at what is making everyone happy and for whatever their reasoning is. Are we missing the point of why we choose to be free from clothing in the first place?

It makes us happy!

Let me ask you this:

If a couple chooses a beach where they are allowed to get naked and love one another and or someone one else. Who am I to have an opinion on what they are doing? Are they in a safe place which is designed to accommodate their needs and their happiness? Are they breaking any laws? Are they hurting anyone? For the last two if the answers no, then I suppose they are happy being naked the way they want to be. I then suggest we stop judging them and allow them their happiness without judgement.

Finally, I am going to take this judging of others one step further.

Social Media is packed with all kinds of information, people, types and list goes on and on. So here, we all are creating groups within social media, trying desperately to promote our products and ourselves. Here we find cases of those whom are happy sharing the naked news to the world, but lo and behold, because it is just that nakedness, we find ourselves attracting all kinds and types of people. These people then in their happiness decide they wish to share their products with you. So now you start having to deal with possibly porn coming across your site. I get the frustration that many experience. One more selfie of an erect penis. Boring, and you just hope and wish they move on and for the most part they do. Well where it becomes wrong, and this is my humble opinion of course. Is when these people decide to check out you sites, maybe they have more than one interest that makes them happy and being naked and happy is one of them? Where I start to take issue is creeping there sites and judging these individuals by what they follow. I believe that as long as they are not infringing on your site with your followers, then they are doing nothing wrong, but you may be out of line judging them. Just some food for thought.

So in closing I wish everyone a wonderful, Happy Naked Day




What have you done for me lately!

No to FCN

It has been a while since I have had the time to set aside some time to write, and in all honesty at his busy time of year it is not that easy to come by that extra minute or two. That being said here I am and only because I have been outraged at the happenings within a social media group Canadian Naturists on Facebook.

Well I came across what seemed to be an innocent enough post regarding some issues and concerns about the Federation of Canadian Naturists membership cards and magazines and how some people were not getting theirs. Well I decided to make a small note that we here at Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch had decided to drop them as an organization at the beginning of 2014.

Now at that time I thought nothing of it just a quick note as to where we stand here and felt it was not really necessary to elaborate any further as to our many reason as to why we or more appropriately , why I decided that they were not worth supporting any longer.

However, someone did inquire further and I did try to say that the many reasons we had stopped were between Freedom Fields and the Federation of Canadian Naturists and wanted to keep it that way, however I did touch briefly on where the FCN head office was located (within Bare Oaks) and that I felt and in my opinion for the most part that the articles within Going Natural were mostly written and focused on this club. I also said it was understandable considering that a majority of the FCN board members and volunteers came from within that location as well. So the bottom line for me was that why bother supporting a club that’s primary focus was on this one particular club. I did not mention that there were a great deal of other issues with them and that in fact the FCN is very sore spot for me on so many levels.

Well I suppose that statement hit a nerve of a few and the next thing I know is that a moderator of this group starting attacking Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch on our core values and how we as a club should never have been recognized as an acceptable club. Let me also add that this individual has never even graced our doors and has no knowledge of who or what we are as a club and or people.

The first and foremost that was on this individuals mind was to cast a negativity over Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch based on the fact that we have now become an “Adult Only Ranch”. That decision was non impacting on our existing customers because as to date only one youth has ever been present at Freedom Fields and we enjoyed his company immensely during his visit with his parents. Now if this said individual had taken the time he would have found our reasoning behind making our facility “Adult Only” in the first place, this decision was based on the safety and well-being of nudist children and the unpredictable nature of horses. Instead he threw out that it was only obvious what adult only meant and continued on to attack our core values. I will also add here that this person took down all his nasty comments so that people could not follow the thread properly anymore.

Now let me touch on some core values for you. I / we do not stand behind any pretense that nudists are not sexual creatures by nature as are all other living and breathing species of this earth. To say that one organization and there set of values over rides and supersedes another’s club, group or organization is probably more in line with a cult and how they bully other clubs and organizations to cow tow to their beliefs.

News flash people swingers (or whatever preferred label you wish to place on people) and people who enjoy a lifestyle along with other types of lifestyles such as nudism are people. They are no different than let’s say if you are of one faith over the other, race, colour, creed and or whatever your sexual orientation is everyone deserves to be treated in a respectful manner and leave your judgmental attitudes at the door along with your laundry. For those nudists who sit back and say we are non-judgmental and then go along their merry way to only bad mouth and put down others for an individual’s choices in life should be ashamed of themselves and stop living the lie that you are that non-judgmental person because you are in fact living that lie.

We called Freedom Fields by that name for a reason. It is a place to come and enjoy and be yourself, what adult people do behind closed doors is none of my business, nor should it be any of yours. Now if the first point didn’t hit home I will suggest that you will find many of these wonderful people within all the clubs across North America and they all fit in rather nicely with all us other open minded and adventurous naked people. Now does that say that open sex is happening openly in any of these clubs, No it’s not, why because these wonderful people respect others and enjoy the company of the other individuals who are of like mind in the privacy of their own spaces. OK enough said on that point.

So now back to the rants on Canadian Naturist Facebook Page. Well it wasn’t enough for this individual to have a go at us here at Freedom Fields, but one board member from the Federation of Canadian Naturists chimes in that he will address the concerns of the post once he had a spare moment or two. At that moment I feel a sense of relief that these people will get some answers to their concerns surrounding the membership cards and magazine’s and that this person would address my statements, which I thought would have been in a private message considering I had spared my response to the reasons of cutting ties with the FCN in the first place. But no instead the board member decided I needed to be addressed first and more importantly chooses to also attack my integrity surrounding issues of whether I have sat on any boards and or volunteered for their organization and that perhaps I should be more like another club owner and be more proactive as this individual is for his club.

OK so let’s see what proactive gets you with the FCN as another club owner.

In 2012, we were visited by two delightful members of Bare Oaks and whom also sat on the board of directors and or volunteered for the FCN organization. This couple stayed in our B&B prior to the FCN Festival that was being held at Le Pommerie in Quebec that year. At their request, invite and suggestion we decided that we would join them at the FCN Festival and make introductions of ourselves and inform them of our plans and dreams for Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch. It was a lovely place for a visit and for the most part we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Well as it would happen we had the opportunity to meet the then editor of the magazine Going Natural and during our conversation I asked if it would be possible to have an article done on Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch to let the rest of Canada and North America know that we were open for enjoyment and that I felt it would be a positive thing given that yet another club the Four Seasons was no longer a nudist location available to the community. She would have be more than happy she said if one of our members were to submit an article for the publication. Small problem here we just opened the doors and had our grand opening mid July so as I explained we did not have any members yet. She informed me that she would not be able to run any articles if I wrote it as that could been seen as free advertisement for Freedom Fields and I fully understood that position. So I felt that I would just have to wait and when I got a member that would feel comfortable writing an article I would then be able to submit one at a later date. You can only imagine my thoughts and feelings given that in the winter issue 2011-12 on page 16 when I saw the article of The Metamorphism of Crocus Grove into Naturist Legacy Park. Obviously the hard work of 69 people was worth publishing, but the hard work and dedication of two was not.

So in keeping patient we waited to see what we could get together that might be worthy of catching the eyes of our National Organization and Publication. The following have been things that we have done and sent in but again to our dismay have continually not been worthy of so much as a mention in their magazine.

We have held four Naked Canadian Gardening Days since we have opened our doors, on two of those occasions we were ask to submit articles and photos, which we did and have never made any edition. We have been on Radio twice promoting nudism as a way of life, in fact one board member was here with the FCN tent set up and heard it broadcasting live that morning. Again I would venture that it was not worthy of the organization. To add insult to injury here the FCN that was here that day took many photos of people having fun in the sun while participating in our nude Olympics, again not worthwhile mentioning anywhere.

Furthermore to all this, we have been in the newspapers The Kingston Whig, The Brantford Explorer and the Frontenac News. When we submitted them to the FCN they did not even find them important enough to put up on the FCN website under Current News instead we just got a couple of small replies about nice article. End of.

Now let me touch on the Breast Cancer Calendar that I started in 2013 for the following year 2014, I invested a great deal of time, money and energy on that, promoted to the local businesses in the surrounding areas and was pleasantly surprised with the support I was able to get from the community. Now that being said, the FCN did contribute $600.00 towards ads in the calendar on the six months between spring and fall at a discounted rate. What would have been nice is if they could have run some sort of article on what we were trying to do or at the very least put it up on the website. At least that way we could have had the word out more that we were looking for participants. But that being said we manage to get support from those that came out that year and with 3 photographers and a couple of handfuls of willing ladies we pulled it off and had fun doing so.

I understand that people get busy and volunteers are short everywhere but being two people here and doing what we do a think that some small back scratching can be made room for. Back in 2013 the FCN Festival was being held at Bare Oaks and I had asked a board member that I knew was going to The Nude Stock at the Ponderosa where we had paid to have our banner hung for the event. I asked if it would be possible to pick up our banner at the end of the weekend there and take it to the festival and hang it with the FCN tent. I was assured that would not be a problem but apparently it was forgotten about and that too never transpired.

Ok so now talking about the FCN Festival, back at the Le Pommerie in 2012 we were approached and asked if we would be ready to host the event for 2014. We said if we know it is going to happen then we would make sure we were ready, but in all reality I can only assume that the Ponderosa became a better choice in the end. We would never know what the reasoning behind this was because no one ever called and notified us either way. I assure you, you can ask anyone of our members and non-members for that matter and time and time again we get the same remarks that people are amazed at the changes here year after year and that makes it all worthwhile, the appreciation that we do get from those that know the dedication and efforts that go into this venture.

Now another comment was made by the same arrogant moderator about us being a for-profit organization and apparently that would equate to what? That our efforts are not worthy of any recognition. That it is appropriate for you to throw stones and bad mouth two very dedicated people, who have put nothing but hard work, effort, back bone and a huge financial commitment to supply a venue to other free spirited nudists. I say, get off your high horse and know your information before being a bully and as for the board member suggesting anything other than I step up to meet their need’s well Mr. Director I say life is a two way street and you need some serious thought put into your remarks before venturing out so hastily.

I have seen and heard firsthand how you cherry pick your volunteers and was very appalled at what I witnessed and heard at the 2012 FCN Festival about a couple of volunteers, one who was stepping down and another potential volunteer. And having a President whom cannot even take the time of day for a new owner who met at Bare Oaks on a visit and only insisted that I watch a the video and was stunned to hear them say “I might learn something about nudism” Wow I was certainly not impressed that weekend.

In closing I know that there is a lot of hurt in this message and some will not appreciate the truth and honesty here but this is why we no longer support the FCN. Since our decision was made to stop our support of them we have heard more for them since that decision and it has not been that much either, but I say it is a little too late.

Naturally and FREE

Yvonne Gibson


The Nudist The Next Generation

Originally Written on
I sit here late at night perplexed, I am very concerned at the apparent lack of understanding and support from the various naturist establishments for the valiant efforts that are being made by the youth of today to expand the horizons of awareness regarding nudity and naturism.

Lets face hard cold facts, It was the admirable determination and perseverance of nudist in the past that got us where we are today. With their determination, they were able to establish naturist facilities and organizations which are the building foundations that future generations should build from. No one wants to re invent the wheel here, I do however see many insightful youths reaching out to promote and build upon this solid foundation, only to be thwarted in their efforts.

The Naturist from days gone by are aging and retiring, sorry but true and hence just here in Canada we have seen nudist clubs and the property being sold and many closures have been the result. The good news is we still have a few well established resorts that continue to thrive and hopefully they will be here for many years to come.

I myself am no longer a spring chicken but what I do see and know that the future of Naturism lies on the shoulders of the youth of today and every effort should be made to help, support and nurture them as our own.

Young Naturists America (aka) YNA just recently posted a blog expressing obvious frustration with various organizations, clubs, establishments ect. and listed the following as just a few of the core issues that they are facing and encountering from nudist leaders and business owners:

That we

-Don’t understand how the internet works

-Don’t believe in spending any money to attract new business

-Are afraid of the “outsiders”

-Are closed minded when it comes to innovation

-Don’t take constructive criticism well

-Can’t communicate effectively and don’t respond promptly

-Are not open-minded enough for the current way people think

-Are uncooperative and extremely secretive

-Lack the skills and willingness to learn how to reach more people

-Are not willing to actively support other businesses and collaborate

I couldn’t agree more with their concerns, we as naturist are suppose to hold certain values and one of them is that we are very non judgemental people. Does this value of ours stop at body acceptance or in my opinion does it also extend itself to innovative and creative ideas. I certainly take offence to the fact that this group refers to themselves as being seen as the black sheep of our family.

I have seen these unhealthy issues rear their ugly head time and time again, Organizations scrambling at the last minutes before board meetings to find individuals to fill seats on their perspective boards and not finding any willing participants. This is because these intellectual people can see that it’s just an “old boys club”| which will not be open to any new and innovative ideas. These group have a tendency to shun the very people whom have brilliant ideas and suggestion and in all reality it will be any groups undoing when these cliché are formed with no room for the so called outsider.

The challenge here is we need to encourage and be supportive of groups such as the YNA to help us promote and continue to encourage naturism for what it is and can be to EVERYONE.

More of these groups are needed or we will be become an extinct ideal. Lets bring back that youthful outlook we all once had and start supporting these brilliant youths.

Naturally and Respectfully
Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch

The Naked Woman Within Screaming To Get Out

As a female nudist I wonder why it is in a world where we have fought throughout the years for equality that there are not more female nudists?
Many women have fought for our rights to bare our breasts in public just as our male counterparts do and won the fight, however we don’t go out in public bare breasted. WHY?
Yvonne and her Babe
So after a great deal of communication with women I thought it best to put these issues in writing. Now please do not shoot the messenger. My only objective here is to create a more comfortable and understanding message to let the ladies know that it is OK to be nude.

Society as a whole has sent out mixed messages throughout the years and some of these have created a great deal of confusion and anxiety for woman. Lets see, your too fat, your too skinny, you too short, your too tall, your too white, your to dark, you have stretch marks and scars that should be hidden. You will be frowned upon if you get nude in front of others and be labelled with horrible names. Tramp, whore, ect. ect. I think you get the picture here.

Then of course we have the perverts of the world that spend all there waking moments staring, glaring and ogling women. Sun up to sun down it never ends, leaving women constantly feeling violated and filthy. sound about right?

Here is one I am sure you ladies can relate to. The guy does something of a sexual nature and he gets a slap on the back from his buddies. Way to go mate. However, on the flip side a women does something of the same nature and we are just not the kind girl you want to take home to mom. Double standard?

Ladies in general may have many hangs up when it comes to their bodies and I believe they feel a sense of comfort hiding behind clothes, but in doing so they are only falling deeper into the abyss of poor self acceptance, lack of confidence and even depression in some cases. I don’t think I have ever met a female nudist that did not show how confident they are with themselves.

I know ladies, that it doesn’t help when we are bombarded with images of diet induced Twiggy’s of the world and are continually told that they are the norm and that we as women should aspire to be just like them. Well I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to, nor do I need to look like them. I’m happy with who I am and you to should be just as happy with who you are.

Being free to be who you are in a Naturist environment is as liberating as you can get, being at ease and feeling alive, secure and confident about yourselves is what it can be for you as it is for many female nudists today. All my female friends are close to me and are special, wonderful women. They are who they are and there is no competition between any one us. We are who we are. You would never know who’s the nurse, who’s the doctor, who’s the dancer. Why is this? because we don’t have to hide behind our garments, which in truth may identify who we are, where we have been, how rich or poor we are. No labels just us as wonderful people.

I want to encourage all women to explore all of your beauty and believe me you are all beautiful both inside and out. I would suggest you log on to discussion groups to help you get a better understanding as to what Naturism has to offer. It is far more than just getting naked.



The Majority of Society Stigmatizes The Unknown 

This past weekend here at Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch an event was held to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Woodstock and we called it Freedom Festival. During our Festival we promoted healthy clothes free living alongside other like minded nudists and celebrated the music and times of Woodstock. We were honoured to have a special presentation surrounded the benefits of medical marijuana. Mr Al Graham presented a short documentary called “What If Cannabis Could Cure Cancer?” Followed by a lengthy and informative Q & A period surrounding a topic for me that was quite educational.


As I sat back watching the weekend unfold it occurred to me that nether the nudist or marijuana was socially accepted and or illegal to many degrees. Why? was my major question. I watched these fun loving nudist thoroughly enjoying themselves without a care in the world. Not one among them was aggressive, violent, perverted, crude, rude or misbehaving in any fashion. They were just good, down to earth souls enjoying life as it was intended to be.


What I find amazing is that a couple of issues such as social nudity and the decriminalisation of medical marijuana had one common denominator. Social acceptability!


People seem to fear the unknown and without these individuals having had any prior experience to either I would venture to guess that the average person would have negative and unwarranted feelings towards both of these issues.


Now from a nudist’s perspective and having been around social nudity for approximately 20 years I feel comfortable discussing and expressing how natural being naked is for me. I find that I can openly discuss the why, where’s and what for’s of being a nudist without any hesitation. I am very comfortable in my own skin. I often find myself pleasantly surprised when a new comer comes along and is willing to make that first try at social nudity. Then to find for the most part that many can not figure out what all the hubbub was about and that they should have taken part long before this first time.


Many of these individuals have been conditioned through social media, peer pressure, government, legal issues and their child hood upbringing that it is wrong to be seen naked. Well in all honesty we were all born that way and are the only animals on earth that think we require clothing. Now this is not say there is not a place and time when natures elements force us to do so.


I am very passionate about being a nudist and promoting social nudity, it is something I personally feel very strong about. I saw that same passion in our presenter while he was presenting his film surrounding the benefits of medical marijuana. I learned a great deal from the seminar and thought if only I had seen this years ago things might have been a little different in my life.


You see I too was one of the masses who frowned upon my personally smoking marijuana. It was for one illegal and from what I knew of pot it was just a drug that people smoked to get high. I have been around it all my life and watched the effects that I saw in others, the giggling, the munches and for some I thought it just made them just plan lazy. What I was doing was the same thing as many do and was adding labels to this massive population as “pot heads”.


In 2002 I was in a motor vehicle accident with a tractor trailer and as a result of that accident I now have a painful condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. For many years I went though the traditional medical treatments with the doctors and drug after drug they were willing to throw my way only adding more damaging fuel to the fire so to speak. Then one day I was actually horrified when my doctor suggested that he could give me a card and prescribe medical marijuana for the pain. I think my immediate reaction was one of OMG I will be labelled a druggie. Now of course in hind sight I look back at how silly that realization really was because lets face it the pills the doctors were prescribing were far more damaging and dangerous than a simple joint of marijuana. I only had of wished back then that I had been further educated surrounding the benefits of the substance instead of being allowed to let my social graces get in the way. You see I never realized how there were other methods of ingesting the medical properties of the plant other than smoking it, and without going into all the technical terminology of the plant it appears that the benefits are staggering. Throughout the whole presentation I sat there thinking how this might help a very dear friend of mine who has been diagnosed with bone cancer and wondered “knowing her that she would probably have the same reaction as I had ultimately had. No way it is illegal and she would not want to be seen as a pot head either. It’s a shame really because from what I gathered it has a great deal of healing properties to it and drug companies and governments are standing in the way for progress.


This whole thing is sad really that because of the unknown and what has been decided for us that we have a fear of the many unknowns. What is perceived as socially acceptable is being given a bad rap and things need to change. We as human beings need to stand back and stop being judgemental of others, we need to be more open and accepting of how others choose to live there lives, and last but not least, if in doubt, check it out.


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