This hot topic needs to stop within the community of all naked people.

Why do I believe this? The reasoning is a simple one, being at one with yourself naked, and or within a social community setting, is firstly an experience that a person chooses at varying times, both in their lives and for a multitude of reasons.

The one common denominator is the fact that we all get naked because it makes us all feel good. Does it really matter why or how a person chooses to be naked and to feel good about it? In my opinion no!

For years I have listened to and read stories upon stories about what is right, what is wrong, what it should be and what shouldn’t be, what it is and what it isn’t.

The fact of the matter is as long as people choose to judge others, then this will be an ongoing subject of dissention for years to come.

Some of us get naked at home only because that is our comfort level, but at the end of the day they are happy with who they are and what they do. Then there are those of us whom prefer hiking naked through the forest, along a trail, having a swim in the lake, rivers, oceans and streams. Again these people are at peace with themselves and are enjoying what they love to do. Others choose to share their happiness more outwardly and in public, hence participating in a naked bike ride, an organized painting event or rallies. These too are at peace within themselves, as they are getting what they need and desire out of their love to shed their clothing.

Moving along we then have some of us that choose the resorts, the gated communities, which are all different in and of themselves. These clubs and organizations might offer more services to families, while others focus more on the couple environment. Some allow singles, some don’t, again for their own reasoning. However, people will find what best meets their needs and what community of people they wish to enjoy their naked time with and how to go about being happy and stress free.

Just today I read a response to a question posed to a group in social media. The question “What is a True Nudist”? Once again I am reading a division through perception that, and I quote “a naturist is one who prefers to be nude or close to it, they aren’t thinking or acting in a sexual way, basically the same way as a clothed person is but only nude. They also talk to you and your face, not your body”. Now most would agree that this statement was pretty fair and a very positive perception to the question. However, the quote furthers in explanation as follows “A nudist is more vague because stingers like to be nude also, but are more interested in sex and checking out what others look like then just relaxing. Exhibitionists are also nudist, but for their own reason. True nudist is nothing really, just a term to me”. Well as you can see the division is made clear by the perception of this one individual and I believe there are many more whom might see things the same way as this person did.

I suppose I could choose be offended by the latter half of the statement, as I very often for a lack of a better word promote freely to the world that I am a proud nudist. I suppose I could also take exception to the fact that because of one word that I am perceived possibly as a lower standard within the world wide stage of the naked community. Fortunately, I do realize that a message of non- sexual nudity is a preferred way to communicate to the world that we welcome others to participate. That being said I also know that many naked people claim and promote to others that you will never feel more comfortable in this NON-JUGEMENTAL community atmosphere.

Does that Non Judgement attitude stop at body acceptance only? Or should we be looking beyond that and start looking at what is making everyone happy and for whatever their reasoning is. Are we missing the point of why we choose to be free from clothing in the first place?

It makes us happy!

Let me ask you this:

If a couple chooses a beach where they are allowed to get naked and love one another and or someone one else. Who am I to have an opinion on what they are doing? Are they in a safe place which is designed to accommodate their needs and their happiness? Are they breaking any laws? Are they hurting anyone? For the last two if the answers no, then I suppose they are happy being naked the way they want to be. I then suggest we stop judging them and allow them their happiness without judgement.

Finally, I am going to take this judging of others one step further.

Social Media is packed with all kinds of information, people, types and list goes on and on. So here, we all are creating groups within social media, trying desperately to promote our products and ourselves. Here we find cases of those whom are happy sharing the naked news to the world, but lo and behold, because it is just that nakedness, we find ourselves attracting all kinds and types of people. These people then in their happiness decide they wish to share their products with you. So now you start having to deal with possibly porn coming across your site. I get the frustration that many experience. One more selfie of an erect penis. Boring, and you just hope and wish they move on and for the most part they do. Well where it becomes wrong, and this is my humble opinion of course. Is when these people decide to check out you sites, maybe they have more than one interest that makes them happy and being naked and happy is one of them? Where I start to take issue is creeping there sites and judging these individuals by what they follow. I believe that as long as they are not infringing on your site with your followers, then they are doing nothing wrong, but you may be out of line judging them. Just some food for thought.

So in closing I wish everyone a wonderful, Happy Naked Day





  1. Having been in the nudist world for a decade now, I’ve found that the people who participate in nude recreation are from all walks of life and have all sorts of sexual appetites and preferences. Oddly enough, that’s also true of society in general – people are just different, and that’s what makes life so interesting and enjoyable.

    For years swingers and people involved in other sexual lifestyles have been a part of the nudist world. My wife and I were hit upon several times, but we discovered early on that simply saying “no” goes a long way. Whether people are gay, lesbian, fetishists, swingers or even asexual did not matter one bit. Ultimately it’s all about behavior and respect, just as it is in school, on the job, or in everyday textile situations.

    But there are a handful of what I refer to as “militant nudists” who believe that nudism has “nothing to do with sex” and that they condemn anyone who even mentions anything sexual. This thought is patently ridiculous, and even The Naturist Society openly discusses the benefits of naturism to sexuality in its information and philosophies. TNS Gatherings have included workshops on polyamory and Tantric sex, because this is of interest to the members. Sex is good. Nudism is good. The two should not be mutually exclusive.

    Then there are those who insist that nudism or naturism must always be family friendly. I disagree. My wife and I used to have parties with adults only and our daughter would spend the night at her grandparents’ house. While I agree that during the day the presence of children around the pool is great fun, but there also has to be some recognition of the fact that some people feel uncomfortable being nude around other people’s children. There has to be a balance if nudism is going to continue as an organized concept.

    I’ve personally been told by several couples that they don’t like the fact that kids are around a bunch of naked adults.

    Ultimately it comes down to the fact that organized nudism and naturism is still in the mindset of the 1950s when nudist camps were actually raided with people arrested. In the late 1960s through the 1970s the lifestyle began to loosen up, with magazines showing a much more hedonistic lifestyle with beauty pageants. Then in America the organizations split up, one promoting free beaches, and another promoting private clubs, and as of 2016 nobody seems to be able to agree on anything. This appears to be the case in Canada, too, where the “powers that be” want everything to be their way, or the highway.

    I have a tumblr blog which promotes both sex and nudity, with much information about nudism. I’ve been vilified and even blocked to “naturists” who want nothing to do with anything sexual, calling my blog “sexploitation”. As for me, I don’t care what they think because I’m gaining nearly 2000 new followers each and every month. That tumblr is here

    I also run a Facebook page – – which is primarily devoted to traditional nudism and naturism, but sometimes I post something about sexuality or sexual lifestyles, and people freak out. “Nudism has nothing to do with sex” they say over and over again. Well, you can say the same thing about churches, but there are plenty of ministers out there with plenty of children, and I’ve heard plenty of sexual “advice” from Catholic priests, both from the pulpit and in private. When I turned 18 a very prominent priest propositioned me ( I declined the request to share my body with him”, and later on he was defrocked for taking a 16 year old teenage boy to bed.

    In the final analysis, I think that organized nudism actually represses sexuality in a most unnatural way. I like to point out that I saw tons more sexual activity when I lived in a college dorm than I’ve ever seen at nudist resorts. At the same time, there is a lot of clandestine activity going on, such as bondage and fetish groups meeting at a prominent California club, another club in Florida turning into a swingers venue for one weekend each month, and if you follow the news a club in Florida had two members arrested for child pornography. It seems to me that nudists and naturists would benefit from addressing these problems instead of continuing to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that they don’t exist.

    • Nudiarist. Thank you for your refreshing out look. What I also find appalling is these keyboard vocalists that hide behind images of cats on Facebook much like Eric Markis of the FCN, whom throw out comments without any regard for others. The shame should lie on the shoulders of these people, when in fact they have no knowledge of what they are talking about. Another tight ass much like Peter Martin of Canadian Naturists on Facebook is another prime example of someone whom also sits behind a keyboard spouting garbage at others when again has no knowledge of what he is talking about. These people have no shame and should humble themselves, when slamming members of Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch and two very passionate owners that have brought something to a community that has lost many clubs along the way. It is easy to be vocal without any action. Time for these idiots to get their dicks out of their asses and swallow for a change. Am I angry, Yes I am.

      However, most intelligent people see the benefits we offer and thoroughly enjoy themselves here at FFNR.

      No one here wants these pompous and over opinionated ass wipes to even come through their doors.


      • There’s a young lady who goes by the name of Lady God1va who rides nude in the WNBR, goes out to dinner in see through clothing, poses nude in high heels, and calls herself a naturist. She followed me on twitter and suddenly she noticed that I posted something to do with sex, and she expressed her outrage and promptly blocked me. This is the sort of hypocrisy which plagues the naturist world.

        I hear over and over that nudism “has nothing to do with sex”. It’s like saying that restaurants have nothing to do with food, or that television has nothing to do with entertainment. Hell, high school dances have plenty to do with sex, so for a bunch of people who gather together totally in the nude to deny sexuality is absurd. Grow up, for heaven’s sake.

        The truth is that if nudists and naturists would simply accept the fact that humans are, by nature, sexual beings, and that being nude outdoors or socially can be erotic and pleasurable, then perhaps the younger generation would be more willing to participate. The Young Naturists America group once had a booth at the Museum of Sex in New York City, and the organization AANR East once participated in an event co-sponsored by a sex products company. There MUST be more of this sort of open-mindedness and acceptance by the nudist community at large to increase the numbers of people participating in nude recreation.

        In order for anyone to understand the decline of organized nudism in North America needs to read some of the work written by Dr. Glenn Smith, who wrote “Social Nudity and Sexual Wellbeing: Broadening Our Approach to Sexual Health”. A letter written by Dr. Smith can be read here”

        He says “The idea that naturist environments potentially offer a unique space to explore the breadth of sexual feelings, and to experience these in a more balanced and real way, could make them very attractive to a younger generation. And breathe new life into naturism.”


  2. There’s another point which needs to be addressed, and that is the way that organized nudism/naturist operates, which is basically to adopt a defensive posture and do very little to promote itself and evolve into a 21st century movement.

    There is an abnormal aversion to visuals. In order to see real photos of people enjoying nude recreation, you have to become a member of these organizations to subscribe to their magazines. In the 1960s and 70s, nudist magazines were readily available at newsstands, and while print media has vastly declined since then, there are these new fangled gadgets called computers upon which you can see and read more information every day than you could possibly find in any library. AANR, TNS and FCN websites are timid and seriously lacking in information and news, and photos are of boring stock quality. There is no imagination whatsoever. As for AANR’s monthly Bulletin, the people depicted tend to show them in “police lineup” type photos, getting awards or gathering for pot luck suppers and fund raisers. There is an aversion to depicting fun and beauty, only functionality.

    How can these organizations expect to attract more members if the information is available only to members?

    The Naturist Action Committee, while certainly made up of fine individuals, only serves to react to crises, such as the closings of Mazo and San Onofre beaches. The strategy is primarily to express outrage after the fact which very rarely gets any results. In Huntington Beach California, the city just kicked out a bunch of nudists which had been using a public pool for years. Again, fine people are fighting this, but it’s the same old story – fight something after the fact. It’s like getting a medical checkup after you’re already dead.

    Online bloggers are the same. No imagination, nothing new to offer. Many complain about blogs which contain sexual information and imagery. They adopt strategies for “blocking” such sites, or putting them on “shame” lists as places “real” naturists should avoid. This just further shrinks the nudist base into a corner. Nobody ever wins a battle while constantly in a defensive posture.

    There are no nudist leaders today, only some elected officials who tend to cling to old thinking. Some who have emerged are condemned and/or shunned, such as the body freedom activist Gypsy Taub who works tirelessly to help restore public nudity to San Francisco. She has attorneys and many individuals on her side. She coordinates public nudity events by petitioning the city to get that freedom. She raises money from her website and mailing list. The problem? She also runs a porn site to make a living.

    In Great Britain, look at Stephen Gough aka “The Naked Rambler” who has been in jail for the better part of a decade for refusing to put on clothes while hiking the countryside. Where is British Naturism when it comes to getting him support and proper representation to reverse the courts’ decisions? Nowhere, because Gough is not a traditional naturist, he doesn’t belong to a club or organization so he’s not worth defending.

    The problem is that when organizations turn their backs on people like Taub and Gough, they are also turning their backs on their members who should be working to achieve the exact same rights. You cannot be selective when it comes to civil rights. When Harvey Milk asked gay people to come out to their families and friends, he didn’t say that applied only to “members” or “true homosexuals” – he appealed to everyone. Gay and lesbian rights are for everyone, not just those who most perfectly represent a particular perception of what a homosexual should be. Taub and Gough do not meet the nudist “ideal” so therefore they are not worth defending, when the truth is that they are the ones MOST worth defending because they both are putting their freedoms on the line each and every day they fight local governments or languish in jail.

    Nudism and naturism need more fighters like Taub and Gough, and less of people who exist only to keep lamenting the closure of nude beaches and venues after it’s too late to do anything about it. There should be constant struggle and movement to create NEW beaches and venues, because this defensive effort has not managed to stop this constant erosion of nudist and naturist rights. We cannot keep hiding from ourselves, because eventually that means that we will all eventually disappera.

    • You are absolutely correct and I agree. There are so many individuals, both mentioned and more that go above and beyond to promote for a way of life that they are most passionate about, only for us to see time and time again getting black listed and or black balled by these so called organizations that have the opinion it’s our way or the highway!

      Both myself and Hector were living at the Four Season Resort just north of Hamilton, when it was purchased by a textile campground. We were all put on notice to put our clothes back on. A great deal of shaming to the existing members and residents followed that purchase. Well out of our passion we choose to buy land and open up another location for people to come out and enjoy. We did something, we did not just sit back and moan and whine about losing what was near and dear to us. We took the bulls by the horns, so to speak.

      Over time we approached these organizations and instead of excitement and support we found ourselves face to face with a group of hypocrites, who obviously subscribe to an outdated and old fashion way of thinking.

      I remember one board member sitting at my kitchen table bashing the Ponderosa Resort as being a swinger resort and saying that is why they were kicked out of the FCN. Knowing full well that this was not the case, but here it was slam and bash a club that offers people a lovely oasis to escape to. The ironic part to all this is the very next year full spreads were once again in the Going Natural Magazine promoting the Nude Stock North and twice now the FCN has held and is holding it’s annual festival there. My only conclusion would be that the FCN needed money and The Ponderosa was willing to pay.

      Now not to be silenced by these power tripping elitists that hide behind their board status. We so clearly remember how appalled we were at the FCN Festival back in 2012 at La Pommere in Quebec when a group of these so called directors sat around with us and talked about how they so desperately needed volunteers, only to in the next breath bash and bad mouth at least four people that were so willing to help out. They were trying to cherry pick those that they would bestow such honor on. The ironic part is that the very following year one was a director at large and yet another was put in charge of the children”s activities. The hypocrisy of it all.

      I also remember writing a blog awhile back and it was stemmed from comments made by the YNA that they were being referred to as the “Black sheep of the family”. They too were experiencing difficulties at the time with these organizations for their innovative and creative forward thinking. These two young individuals do more to promote nudism in my mind than any of these organizations combined. Instead of the applauds and recognition they deserved they were being slammed. by that comment.

      As for us we had made a decision to go “Adult Only” and being a ranch with horses is the reason that originally prompted that decision. Since then, AANR has sent us emails demanding us to explain the whys and what fores to them, under the pretense of an anonymous complaint. Our reasoning was more than apparent on our website, however I guess they did not like my answer that we are a private business and do not owe any explanations to any of these organizations. Just recently a board member of the FCN was outed for his BS claiming we were all are swingers here and that was the reason we were kicked out of the FCN. When outed on social media. All that was forth coming was a political response that tried to exonerate the FCN. No apology to our membership for either false statements.

      As for what people do here at FFNR, we have all walks of life and each and every member here is a far better a human being than any one of these pompous, over opinionated ass wipes ever will be.

      In closing here, NEWS FLASH! there are wonderful lifestylers are in all resorts, parks, beaches, clubs ect. Even the FCN’s beloved Bare Oaks.

      • And nudists claim to be open minded and accepting, but the truth is that you have to conform.

        The big lie is that organized nudism is NOT family friendly. Every resort I’ve been too has plenty of people in the swinger lifestyle. As I said, my wife and I were approached several times. I also met people who regularly had threesomes, others who were always on the prowl, gay men who came for an afternoon just to hook up on the trails, a couple who boasted openly about their BDSM activities, and more. Denying sexuality is denying humanity.

        I have never felt as free in a nudist venue as I did living in a college dorm. Yes, colleges have booklets with lots of rules, but the reality of living in a coed dorm meant that you never knew who you were going to meet in the shower stall, you were constantly surprised at who was seen coming from anyone’s room in the morning, you had the opportunities for multiple sexual partners, sometimes more than one at a time, you saw a lot of naked people, etc. I don’t recall at any time being lectured about behavior, except once after a water fight where we flooded the entire floor.

        At a nudist venue, you are subject to background checks, you can be kicked out for even saying something against the “rules”, you have to put your cameras and phones away, most of the time you have to accept less than acceptable conditions and cleanliness of the facilities, and you are constantly being scrutinized by members and management. On top of all that, you have to pay higher than average grounds fees, tenting sites, RV hookups, etc.

        The club my wife and I attended for five years was not a co-op, yet the members were expected to clean the bathrooms and plan all activities. Many people are willing to go along with this arrangements just so they can have a place to be nude all the time. It’s an upside down business model which takes advantage of customers unlike anything else. With all the improvements badly needed at this campground, AANR granted them $5000 to dredge a pond, something which was of zero benefit to the members and guests, only to the owners. Our membership fees wasted.

        All in all we met many wonderful people and had some terrific fun, but that’s no thanks to AANR or any management. Most nudist resorts are living in the 1940s with high fences, locked gates, and a bunker like mentality. Resorts like Caliente or Hedonism are not welcome in the nudist organizations, but the future of nude recreation likes in upscale venues and luxury cruises where the customers are not treated like adolescent children.

  3. Nudiarist, please don’t paint all clubs with that same old paint brush, some of us have a completely different outlook and that is why so many people enjoy coming here. :). Freedom Fields was named for a reason. Free to be who you are and we all just get along with no time for trouble makers. Peace.

    • Of course not, but I can say that my wife and I have been underwhelmed by the half dozen campgrounds we have visited. We went to one club for the first time, underwent the usual background check, and were given wristbands to distinguish us from the members. Before we could go to the pool area, we were given a golf cart “tour” of the grounds, something completely unnecessary since we just wanted to hang around the pool, but we suspect the real reason was to question us and “feel” us out a bit. It was 45 minutes wasted. Another club had a leaking pool and it had to be constantly fed with fresh water, which made it uncomfortably cold. At least that club didn’t put on pretenses, as there was plenty of evidence of a more hedonistic atmosphere, such as one section called “Sex Drive”. Another club had fecal matter all over one of the toilets and the floor since one of the members had an accident and didn’t clean up. Another club had an 8 year old girl present at a late night party where people were very drunk, dancing nude, and falling down on the dance floor. It goes on and on. Of course, I could tell you stories about college parties, too, but the point is that a lot of these clubs are mismanaged and definitely fall outside the guidelines of the national organizations. But as I said earlier, we’ve met some great people and had tons of fun, but the condition and management of many of these clubs have not given us reason to go back.

      • Nudiarist, this is a very interesting exchange with Yvonne. You should really check out Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch: Hector and her have built (and are continuing to improve) a welcoming, fun and life positive nudist environment that is gate free There are no silly rules to follow. Singles and couples from all walks of life are welcome: Freedom field embraces diversity and is respectful of the wide range of reasons that human beings have in enjoying social nudity. Live and let live and freedom blooms. We discovered Freedom Field by accident last year. If naturism has a future, it is in place like this one and our free beaches.

      • Nudiarist I understand the frustration that you have encountered at the various clubs that you have had issue with. I do believe that they are all different and it is an individual choice as to which one best suits their needs, if any. Can I suggest that perhaps instead of looking at them as being mismanaged, just maybe, some of the original heart and soul has ripped out of these owners over time. Just trying to look at things from the other side. As for falling outside these national organizations guide lines, well it is not hard to do when these organizations are stuck in the stone age.

      • Yvonne, I understand it’s hard to be in business. My wife and I are self-employed. And there is no doubt that some of these owners have had their hearts ripped out over time, but that is true of anyone in any business. I’m sure that many club owners got into the nude recreation business simply for the love of nudism and were really not smart or proficient entrepreneurs. This just points out an existential flaw in the entire concept of organized nudism, that it’s really not designed to be a business, that even the national organizations are bad at management, bad at marketing, and bad at public relations. Many of them are simply winging it.

        There are exceptions. You might have some issues with Bare Oaks, but Stephane appears to run the place as a successful business. As with an commercial enterprise, he’s had rough spots, such as with a recent issue with a squatter, but he dealt with that issue head on and addressed it publicly.

        Other prominent clubs such as Caliente in Florida openly defied the national organization guidelines and were kicked out, but that might be the best thing that happened to them, since it freed them from those “stone age” guidelines and restrictions which did not help them to grow, but rather held them back from being successful. One has to wonder if those national organizations actually provide any benefit whatsoever any more. Do they actually drive people to the resorts, or are prospective nudists finding clubs and campgrounds on their own by searching the internet?

        Which brings us up to the core issue in this thread, that nudists and naturists need to be more accepting. That “stone age” mentality is no longer helping, it’s hindering. We need progressive thinkers and business-savvy people in charge. AANR tried hiring a non-nudist as their Executive Director a couple of years ago, and he was a nice man, but his tenure did nothing to advance the cause of nude recreation. They then hired a prominent nudist voice who was fired after a very brief reign at the helm, for reasons that have not yet really been revealed, but the perception is that he tried to bring AANR into the 21st Century and the rest of the board wanted nothing to do with progress. When the national organizations can’t see past their own noses, you have a huge problem.

      • Nudiarist I will disagree that the clubs and resorts are not designed to be a business model. Until such time that nudity is 100% legal, people need safe havens to escape to and enjoy worry free. Not everyone is completely comfortable roaming free au natural. Due to varying reasons for each individual, be it occupation, family ect. People like to maintain anonymity.

        As for me having issues with Bare Oaks I do not have any problems with any other club. They all offer a wide variety of services that meet their clients needs. I only take issue with these non profit organizations that meddle and make allegations about certain clubs and groups that are of no concern to them. When we decided that we would not support these said organizations, that is where the relationship stops. Recently, a can of worms was opened by a board member two years after us leaving and I will not stand back and tolerate such remarks from any board member of any group, whom has no knowledge of us or our members. These organizations have no business involving themselves in any day to day operations and or models of any club and put their noses where they do not belong.

        They were given the opportunity to work with us in the beginning and fell short then, so why would we tolerate any interference from them years later.

        These organizations have no value add to any business.

      • Technically they might be businesses, but they are not run like profitable enterprises. Most are membership driven clubs or co-ops with very low profits, meager reinvestment and little or no marketing. Certainly that’s not true of all nudist clubs, but I was on the AANR PR committee for a year and I can tell you flat out that some of the “ideas” that came from the members were indeed from the “stone age” as you said. The only real internet savvy club was the Terra Cotta Inn with Tom and Mary Mulhall, but they sold their resort last year and are no longer in the nudist business.

      • Nudiarist whatever club or group models there are, that is by their own choosing and the membership is at any given location is based on the individuals desire to be there. No two are the same and not everyone likes all. Yes you can give credit to some more than others in how they are being run, in some cases these owners have bought an existing resort or club that already had an established clientele. Have they improved on what was already there. In most cases yes! Then you have the start ups and not many at that, that I can see. Well from first hand experience our reward is knowing that you created something new from the ground up as hard as it is sometimes. The people that come through our doors see year after year new changes and appreciate that they have a place to hang their hats at the end of the day. That in and of itself is wonderful.

  4. naturiste99 Thanks you for your wonderful words of appreciation. So looking forward to the upcoming summer and of course seeing you both soon. Hugs our friends.

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