This hot topic needs to stop within the community of all naked people.

Why do I believe this? The reasoning is a simple one, being at one with yourself naked, and or within a social community setting, is firstly an experience that a person chooses at varying times, both in their lives and for a multitude of reasons.

The one common denominator is the fact that we all get naked because it makes us all feel good. Does it really matter why or how a person chooses to be naked and to feel good about it? In my opinion no!

For years I have listened to and read stories upon stories about what is right, what is wrong, what it should be and what shouldn’t be, what it is and what it isn’t.

The fact of the matter is as long as people choose to judge others, then this will be an ongoing subject of dissention for years to come.

Some of us get naked at home only because that is our comfort level, but at the end of the day they are happy with who they are and what they do. Then there are those of us whom prefer hiking naked through the forest, along a trail, having a swim in the lake, rivers, oceans and streams. Again these people are at peace with themselves and are enjoying what they love to do. Others choose to share their happiness more outwardly and in public, hence participating in a naked bike ride, an organized painting event or rallies. These too are at peace within themselves, as they are getting what they need and desire out of their love to shed their clothing.

Moving along we then have some of us that choose the resorts, the gated communities, which are all different in and of themselves. These clubs and organizations might offer more services to families, while others focus more on the couple environment. Some allow singles, some don’t, again for their own reasoning. However, people will find what best meets their needs and what community of people they wish to enjoy their naked time with and how to go about being happy and stress free.

Just today I read a response to a question posed to a group in social media. The question “What is a True Nudist”? Once again I am reading a division through perception that, and I quote “a naturist is one who prefers to be nude or close to it, they aren’t thinking or acting in a sexual way, basically the same way as a clothed person is but only nude. They also talk to you and your face, not your body”. Now most would agree that this statement was pretty fair and a very positive perception to the question. However, the quote furthers in explanation as follows “A nudist is more vague because stingers like to be nude also, but are more interested in sex and checking out what others look like then just relaxing. Exhibitionists are also nudist, but for their own reason. True nudist is nothing really, just a term to me”. Well as you can see the division is made clear by the perception of this one individual and I believe there are many more whom might see things the same way as this person did.

I suppose I could choose be offended by the latter half of the statement, as I very often for a lack of a better word promote freely to the world that I am a proud nudist. I suppose I could also take exception to the fact that because of one word that I am perceived possibly as a lower standard within the world wide stage of the naked community. Fortunately, I do realize that a message of non- sexual nudity is a preferred way to communicate to the world that we welcome others to participate. That being said I also know that many naked people claim and promote to others that you will never feel more comfortable in this NON-JUGEMENTAL community atmosphere.

Does that Non Judgement attitude stop at body acceptance only? Or should we be looking beyond that and start looking at what is making everyone happy and for whatever their reasoning is. Are we missing the point of why we choose to be free from clothing in the first place?

It makes us happy!

Let me ask you this:

If a couple chooses a beach where they are allowed to get naked and love one another and or someone one else. Who am I to have an opinion on what they are doing? Are they in a safe place which is designed to accommodate their needs and their happiness? Are they breaking any laws? Are they hurting anyone? For the last two if the answers no, then I suppose they are happy being naked the way they want to be. I then suggest we stop judging them and allow them their happiness without judgement.

Finally, I am going to take this judging of others one step further.

Social Media is packed with all kinds of information, people, types and list goes on and on. So here, we all are creating groups within social media, trying desperately to promote our products and ourselves. Here we find cases of those whom are happy sharing the naked news to the world, but lo and behold, because it is just that nakedness, we find ourselves attracting all kinds and types of people. These people then in their happiness decide they wish to share their products with you. So now you start having to deal with possibly porn coming across your site. I get the frustration that many experience. One more selfie of an erect penis. Boring, and you just hope and wish they move on and for the most part they do. Well where it becomes wrong, and this is my humble opinion of course. Is when these people decide to check out you sites, maybe they have more than one interest that makes them happy and being naked and happy is one of them? Where I start to take issue is creeping there sites and judging these individuals by what they follow. I believe that as long as they are not infringing on your site with your followers, then they are doing nothing wrong, but you may be out of line judging them. Just some food for thought.

So in closing I wish everyone a wonderful, Happy Naked Day