What have you done for me lately!

No to FCN

It has been a while since I have had the time to set aside some time to write, and in all honesty at his busy time of year it is not that easy to come by that extra minute or two. That being said here I am and only because I have been outraged at the happenings within a social media group Canadian Naturists on Facebook.

Well I came across what seemed to be an innocent enough post regarding some issues and concerns about the Federation of Canadian Naturists membership cards and magazines and how some people were not getting theirs. Well I decided to make a small note that we here at Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch had decided to drop them as an organization at the beginning of 2014.

Now at that time I thought nothing of it just a quick note as to where we stand here and felt it was not really necessary to elaborate any further as to our many reason as to why we or more appropriately , why I decided that they were not worth supporting any longer.

However, someone did inquire further and I did try to say that the many reasons we had stopped were between Freedom Fields and the Federation of Canadian Naturists and wanted to keep it that way, however I did touch briefly on where the FCN head office was located (within Bare Oaks) and that I felt and in my opinion for the most part that the articles within Going Natural were mostly written and focused on this club. I also said it was understandable considering that a majority of the FCN board members and volunteers came from within that location as well. So the bottom line for me was that why bother supporting a club that’s primary focus was on this one particular club. I did not mention that there were a great deal of other issues with them and that in fact the FCN is very sore spot for me on so many levels.

Well I suppose that statement hit a nerve of a few and the next thing I know is that a moderator of this group starting attacking Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch on our core values and how we as a club should never have been recognized as an acceptable club. Let me also add that this individual has never even graced our doors and has no knowledge of who or what we are as a club and or people.

The first and foremost that was on this individuals mind was to cast a negativity over Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch based on the fact that we have now become an “Adult Only Ranch”. That decision was non impacting on our existing customers because as to date only one youth has ever been present at Freedom Fields and we enjoyed his company immensely during his visit with his parents. Now if this said individual had taken the time he would have found our reasoning behind making our facility “Adult Only” in the first place, this decision was based on the safety and well-being of nudist children and the unpredictable nature of horses. Instead he threw out that it was only obvious what adult only meant and continued on to attack our core values. I will also add here that this person took down all his nasty comments so that people could not follow the thread properly anymore.

Now let me touch on some core values for you. I / we do not stand behind any pretense that nudists are not sexual creatures by nature as are all other living and breathing species of this earth. To say that one organization and there set of values over rides and supersedes another’s club, group or organization is probably more in line with a cult and how they bully other clubs and organizations to cow tow to their beliefs.

News flash people swingers (or whatever preferred label you wish to place on people) and people who enjoy a lifestyle along with other types of lifestyles such as nudism are people. They are no different than let’s say if you are of one faith over the other, race, colour, creed and or whatever your sexual orientation is everyone deserves to be treated in a respectful manner and leave your judgmental attitudes at the door along with your laundry. For those nudists who sit back and say we are non-judgmental and then go along their merry way to only bad mouth and put down others for an individual’s choices in life should be ashamed of themselves and stop living the lie that you are that non-judgmental person because you are in fact living that lie.

We called Freedom Fields by that name for a reason. It is a place to come and enjoy and be yourself, what adult people do behind closed doors is none of my business, nor should it be any of yours. Now if the first point didn’t hit home I will suggest that you will find many of these wonderful people within all the clubs across North America and they all fit in rather nicely with all us other open minded and adventurous naked people. Now does that say that open sex is happening openly in any of these clubs, No it’s not, why because these wonderful people respect others and enjoy the company of the other individuals who are of like mind in the privacy of their own spaces. OK enough said on that point.

So now back to the rants on Canadian Naturist Facebook Page. Well it wasn’t enough for this individual to have a go at us here at Freedom Fields, but one board member from the Federation of Canadian Naturists chimes in that he will address the concerns of the post once he had a spare moment or two. At that moment I feel a sense of relief that these people will get some answers to their concerns surrounding the membership cards and magazine’s and that this person would address my statements, which I thought would have been in a private message considering I had spared my response to the reasons of cutting ties with the FCN in the first place. But no instead the board member decided I needed to be addressed first and more importantly chooses to also attack my integrity surrounding issues of whether I have sat on any boards and or volunteered for their organization and that perhaps I should be more like another club owner and be more proactive as this individual is for his club.

OK so let’s see what proactive gets you with the FCN as another club owner.

In 2012, we were visited by two delightful members of Bare Oaks and whom also sat on the board of directors and or volunteered for the FCN organization. This couple stayed in our B&B prior to the FCN Festival that was being held at Le Pommerie in Quebec that year. At their request, invite and suggestion we decided that we would join them at the FCN Festival and make introductions of ourselves and inform them of our plans and dreams for Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch. It was a lovely place for a visit and for the most part we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Well as it would happen we had the opportunity to meet the then editor of the magazine Going Natural and during our conversation I asked if it would be possible to have an article done on Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch to let the rest of Canada and North America know that we were open for enjoyment and that I felt it would be a positive thing given that yet another club the Four Seasons was no longer a nudist location available to the community. She would have be more than happy she said if one of our members were to submit an article for the publication. Small problem here we just opened the doors and had our grand opening mid July so as I explained we did not have any members yet. She informed me that she would not be able to run any articles if I wrote it as that could been seen as free advertisement for Freedom Fields and I fully understood that position. So I felt that I would just have to wait and when I got a member that would feel comfortable writing an article I would then be able to submit one at a later date. You can only imagine my thoughts and feelings given that in the winter issue 2011-12 on page 16 when I saw the article of The Metamorphism of Crocus Grove into Naturist Legacy Park. Obviously the hard work of 69 people was worth publishing, but the hard work and dedication of two was not.

So in keeping patient we waited to see what we could get together that might be worthy of catching the eyes of our National Organization and Publication. The following have been things that we have done and sent in but again to our dismay have continually not been worthy of so much as a mention in their magazine.

We have held four Naked Canadian Gardening Days since we have opened our doors, on two of those occasions we were ask to submit articles and photos, which we did and have never made any edition. We have been on Radio twice promoting nudism as a way of life, in fact one board member was here with the FCN tent set up and heard it broadcasting live that morning. Again I would venture that it was not worthy of the organization. To add insult to injury here the FCN that was here that day took many photos of people having fun in the sun while participating in our nude Olympics, again not worthwhile mentioning anywhere.

Furthermore to all this, we have been in the newspapers The Kingston Whig, The Brantford Explorer and the Frontenac News. When we submitted them to the FCN they did not even find them important enough to put up on the FCN website under Current News instead we just got a couple of small replies about nice article. End of.

Now let me touch on the Breast Cancer Calendar that I started in 2013 for the following year 2014, I invested a great deal of time, money and energy on that, promoted to the local businesses in the surrounding areas and was pleasantly surprised with the support I was able to get from the community. Now that being said, the FCN did contribute $600.00 towards ads in the calendar on the six months between spring and fall at a discounted rate. What would have been nice is if they could have run some sort of article on what we were trying to do or at the very least put it up on the website. At least that way we could have had the word out more that we were looking for participants. But that being said we manage to get support from those that came out that year and with 3 photographers and a couple of handfuls of willing ladies we pulled it off and had fun doing so.

I understand that people get busy and volunteers are short everywhere but being two people here and doing what we do a think that some small back scratching can be made room for. Back in 2013 the FCN Festival was being held at Bare Oaks and I had asked a board member that I knew was going to The Nude Stock at the Ponderosa where we had paid to have our banner hung for the event. I asked if it would be possible to pick up our banner at the end of the weekend there and take it to the festival and hang it with the FCN tent. I was assured that would not be a problem but apparently it was forgotten about and that too never transpired.

Ok so now talking about the FCN Festival, back at the Le Pommerie in 2012 we were approached and asked if we would be ready to host the event for 2014. We said if we know it is going to happen then we would make sure we were ready, but in all reality I can only assume that the Ponderosa became a better choice in the end. We would never know what the reasoning behind this was because no one ever called and notified us either way. I assure you, you can ask anyone of our members and non-members for that matter and time and time again we get the same remarks that people are amazed at the changes here year after year and that makes it all worthwhile, the appreciation that we do get from those that know the dedication and efforts that go into this venture.

Now another comment was made by the same arrogant moderator about us being a for-profit organization and apparently that would equate to what? That our efforts are not worthy of any recognition. That it is appropriate for you to throw stones and bad mouth two very dedicated people, who have put nothing but hard work, effort, back bone and a huge financial commitment to supply a venue to other free spirited nudists. I say, get off your high horse and know your information before being a bully and as for the board member suggesting anything other than I step up to meet their need’s well Mr. Director I say life is a two way street and you need some serious thought put into your remarks before venturing out so hastily.

I have seen and heard firsthand how you cherry pick your volunteers and was very appalled at what I witnessed and heard at the 2012 FCN Festival about a couple of volunteers, one who was stepping down and another potential volunteer. And having a President whom cannot even take the time of day for a new owner who met at Bare Oaks on a visit and only insisted that I watch a the video and was stunned to hear them say “I might learn something about nudism” Wow I was certainly not impressed that weekend.

In closing I know that there is a lot of hurt in this message and some will not appreciate the truth and honesty here but this is why we no longer support the FCN. Since our decision was made to stop our support of them we have heard more for them since that decision and it has not been that much either, but I say it is a little too late.

Naturally and FREE

Yvonne Gibson



9 thoughts on “What have you done for me lately!

  1. Quotes From Facebook and Owners of The Grand Barn

    Peter Riden:

    For those who don’t know FREEDOM FIELDS, it is the very positive newer echo of what THE GRAND BARN’s main owner (Peter Riden) has stood for in the last 3 decades.

    Yvonne (Gibson) is the amiable and well scoped owner with the strong support of friendly Hector (Gravelle).

    What this article brings forth is the continued arrogant manipulative approach of sneaky enemy Stephane Deshenes now owner of Bare Oaks with obviously some funds taken from FCN membership while he was president of said local organization couple of years back.

    He opposes to Yvonne’s approach because she fully echoes what we have long been standing for, treating adults as adults not in a kindergarten type of claimed chastity when it comes to adult interaction.

    And we also remove children from the equation because of the proven too many uncles that tend to infiltrate such destinations, something we have been able to fully keep under control but were accused of all sordid scenarios by Stephane Deschenes and company of croonies including his ON~Anon alter ego. The FCN is a local non necessary entity that gathers frustrated tight-assed individuals who have the pretense to claim speaking for those At Ease With Nudity. Not so is what we think and smart Yvonne is echoing it very clearly in her well written blog. And if you are closer to the Toronto area and want to experience what we offer at THE GRAND BARN, your best next action is to go support Yvonne and Hector at FREEDOM FIELDS: a worthy venue for the fully functional freedom lover adult in the way we offer at THE GRAND BARN.
    June 11 at 11:28am

    Hector Gravelle:

    LMFAO Oh Peter Riden I thought you just might have had a few words or two. Yvonne had suggested that you might agree. It was Mr. Stephan that these power tripping dinosaurs suggested that Yvonne be more like. I just can’t picture her with a handle bar mustach.
    June 11 at 7:04pm

    Peter Riden:

    Tell Yvonne to stay the course in the way she is although I’m sure she’ll read my answer and have fun with my despise of that low-life Stephane Deschesnes and his few cronies.

    FCN members have no benefit when coming at TGB because that organization means absolutely nothing since Stephane Deschenes and company took over it. And Cutesy Yvonne is right when she mentions that FCN headquarters are at Bare Oaks. The current female president is hostess at Bare Oaks and does respond to Deschenes so are all the cronies that barked at Yvonne because she echoed too well what I have long stood for. Anyhow… you and Yvonne keep the good work.
    June 11 at 10:16pm

    Thaila Riden:

    Very well written. Hector, give Yvonne my regards. Kinda sad to still see such judgmentalism persisting to this day. Here’s to the turning of the tide.
    June 11 at 11:15pm

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  4. We visit FFNR periodically. Not as often as we’d like, but often enough to know what the place is like.

    “Adults only” in this case does not mean “sexually focused”. It means that FFNR is a working ranch, with lots of untended land free-range dogs and a tractor and such, and the owners are justifiably concerned about insurance and liability considerations if it were all-ages.

    Perhaps as a side effect of that, FFNR’s culture is a little less inhibited than some others. But we’ve never seen anything disrespectful, overtly sexual or otherwise inappropriate by the standards of “civilised society”.

    As for FCN, we aren’t involved with them. This is mainly because we have been unable to find any evidence that FCN has accomplished anything in our members’ lifetimes.

    The organisation’s stagnation does not, however, justify ad-hominem attacks on those involved in its governance. All of us should maintain the highest levels of civility and respect in such matters, in order that the problems may be peacefully resolved.

    • Thank you kffbs for your input, I do not believe that the truth coming out on the organization has anything to do with the stagnation of the FCN. That fault is theirs and theirs alone. You yourself have written on the difficulties you your self see when trying to build bridges from one generation to the next. We also have that same hurdle dealing with organizations that are so stuck in the stone-age.

      Respect is a two way street and as mentioned I had initially and out of respect declined to lay my concerns on the table. However, where was that same respect ever given to us here at FFNR, not only fabricated attacks on our club but also on a personal level. What you are reading here is not only one club owners reasons for cutting ties with this said organization but also another owner whom for decades has been attacked and ridiculed by this organizations because they think out of the box.

      Other groups and clubs have also been run over the tracks by these said organizations much like the YNA which blogged about being made to feel they were the black sheep of the family. Why because they were young and forward thinking and they also at the time did not fall within the tight confines of how they must think and behave. Fresh, innovating and exciting ideas slapped down by these organizations.


      I will tell you it is because they are run by people whom believe that it is their way or the highway.

      They will continue to fail only because they are stuck in the stone-age and are not welcoming of any change.

  5. Received Via Email Friday June 19th 2015 at FFNR (Author anonymous out of respect for privacy)


    I just want to commend you for your honest post this morning on your blog. Naturists, who are supposed to be open and accepting, are oftentimes closed-minded and judgmental. Here in the USA, the national organizations have been bleeding members and clubs because they refuse to accept the fact that human beings are sexual animals, and sexuality cannot be suppressed.

    I have no problem with adults only clubs for several reasons. First of all, many adults simply do not feel comfortable being nude around children, and that preference should be respected. Second, children, while they can be a very welcome presence in certain instances, simply don’t belong in situations where adults are drinking, smoking, dancing or otherwise doing adult activities. At the club where I was a member for 6 years, children were allowed at all times with no curfews, and it was simply uncomfortable and wrong not to have some sort of time limit on their presence. I kept waiting for child services to descend upon the place because you know one of those kids was going to tell a friend, who would tell his or her parents, who would then call the school or even the police. One little girl was allowed by her parents to roam freely, and she would attach herself to perfect strangers who would pull their RVs in for the weekend. This was a failure of the parents and the club owners.

    We stopped going to evening activities because of this, and last year we quit the place altogether.

    In my 10 years in the naturist world, I’ve met many people who do not fit the strict “naturist” definition. I first started out going to winter swims hosted by a Naturist Society club, comprised of about 90% men. Over time I became uncomfortable with the club president, and I didn’t feel that the atmosphere was proper for me to invite my wife to come along. A couple of years ago this man was arrested for having sexual contact with underage teenage boys, and he shot himself in the head on the day he was to stand trial.


    But my wife did come along with me and another couple to a landed club, and we had a much better experience there. Ultimately, we continued to visit clubs, and finally joined one in southern Ohio. We went there for over 6 years and met a number of wonderful people until the place started falling apart, physically and administratively.

    I will give the owners credit because they did not judge people in any other way except upon behavior, so during my time there I met swingers, BDSM lifestylers, and other people of varying sexual appetites. As you note about your own club, this activity was not going on at the pool or in the common areas, and what goes on behind closed doors is private anyway. But my wife and I were “worked” a couple of times by visiting swingers, but we found that a simple “no thanks” was all it took to be left alone.

    I think this idea that nudism must be “family-friendly” or “wholesome” came out of the mid-twentieth century when nudists were being arrested or otherwise hassled by law enforcement, so it became a matter of survival to start proclaiming that “nudism has nothing to do with sex”. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support family nudism, but there needs to be a recognition that one size no longer fits all in the naturist world. I have long advocated for a simple ratings system for clubs, and when AANR’s brand new Executive Director proposed the same thing last year, he was fired and never replaced.

    At any rate, I enjoyed your article for its honesty in addressing these issues. The hypocrisy in the nudist world is palpable. For decades now these organizations have been in denial as the sexual revolution has turned “naturism” into some oddball activity where naked old men drink beer and sun themselves by the pool. There has been so much bad PR over the past 20 years, much of it self-inflicted, that I’m not sure if the traditional nudist idea can survive as these organizations continue to fail.

    Best of luck, and my wife and I hope to get to Canada someday and visit.

    (Writer further states the following)

    Yvonne, I did want to mention one more thing. Several years ago I subscribed to the FCN magazine and was surprised to find paid ads for the “Russian Bare” publications and videos, and I immediately expressed my concern to a couple of prominent FCN people who justified the ads as being a part of naturism.

    I explained that these materials were not naturist, they were child exploitation, and that they appealed primarily to pedophiles and not nudists. I quoted Lee Baxandall, founder of The Naturist Society, who once called such materials “rancid meat”. My efforts were successful, and FCN stopped accepting the ads. Good thing they did, because there was recent child porn crackdown, and among the materials investigated were these so-called “naturist” child videos


    I think you do the right thing by being “adults only”.

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