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I sit here late at night perplexed, I am very concerned at the apparent lack of understanding and support from the various naturist establishments for the valiant efforts that are being made by the youth of today to expand the horizons of awareness regarding nudity and naturism.

Lets face hard cold facts, It was the admirable determination and perseverance of nudist in the past that got us where we are today. With their determination, they were able to establish naturist facilities and organizations which are the building foundations that future generations should build from. No one wants to re invent the wheel here, I do however see many insightful youths reaching out to promote and build upon this solid foundation, only to be thwarted in their efforts.

The Naturist from days gone by are aging and retiring, sorry but true and hence just here in Canada we have seen nudist clubs and the property being sold and many closures have been the result. The good news is we still have a few well established resorts that continue to thrive and hopefully they will be here for many years to come.

I myself am no longer a spring chicken but what I do see and know that the future of Naturism lies on the shoulders of the youth of today and every effort should be made to help, support and nurture them as our own.

Young Naturists America (aka) YNA just recently posted a blog expressing obvious frustration with various organizations, clubs, establishments ect. and listed the following as just a few of the core issues that they are facing and encountering from nudist leaders and business owners:

That we

-Don’t understand how the internet works

-Don’t believe in spending any money to attract new business

-Are afraid of the “outsiders”

-Are closed minded when it comes to innovation

-Don’t take constructive criticism well

-Can’t communicate effectively and don’t respond promptly

-Are not open-minded enough for the current way people think

-Are uncooperative and extremely secretive

-Lack the skills and willingness to learn how to reach more people

-Are not willing to actively support other businesses and collaborate

I couldn’t agree more with their concerns, we as naturist are suppose to hold certain values and one of them is that we are very non judgemental people. Does this value of ours stop at body acceptance or in my opinion does it also extend itself to innovative and creative ideas. I certainly take offence to the fact that this group refers to themselves as being seen as the black sheep of our family.

I have seen these unhealthy issues rear their ugly head time and time again, Organizations scrambling at the last minutes before board meetings to find individuals to fill seats on their perspective boards and not finding any willing participants. This is because these intellectual people can see that it’s just an “old boys club”| which will not be open to any new and innovative ideas. These group have a tendency to shun the very people whom have brilliant ideas and suggestion and in all reality it will be any groups undoing when these cliché are formed with no room for the so called outsider.

The challenge here is we need to encourage and be supportive of groups such as the YNA to help us promote and continue to encourage naturism for what it is and can be to EVERYONE.

More of these groups are needed or we will be become an extinct ideal. Lets bring back that youthful outlook we all once had and start supporting these brilliant youths.

Naturally and Respectfully
Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch


4 thoughts on “The Nudist The Next Generation

  1. Thanks, Yvonne, for starting this conversation.

    There is a certain tendency towards complacency among established nudist/naturist businesses. Once all the trailer plots are rented, there’s an established community and cliques start to form. The culture gets locked in. There’s not much incentive to attract new guests, and the fees become prohibitive to much of the under-35 crowd. A few businesses, like FFNR, actively try to prevent that from happening – but they’re a minority.

    The emotional need to belong, to fit in, is an important part of the human psyche. As a rule, millennials don’t feel like they fit in with baby-boomers. The age difference is often not that big of a deal, but the cultural and socioeconomic differences can be overwhelming. If an environment is dominated by baby-boomer culture, then – whether nude or textile – it will not attract 20somethings in any significant numbers. Businesses hoping to attract a younger generation need to recongize that these cultural differences are a make-or-break factor.

    We have also observed, anecdotally, that there is very little interest in organized “card-carrying nudist” groups from the millennial generation. Groups like AANR and FCN have no successes or accomplishments they can point to to draw in younger members. YNA is, as mentioned, on a much better track (and we support their efforts) – but their resources are limited, and awareness among the broader population is likely much lower than it should be.

    Naturism isn’t over or dead, but it is changing. Its core components are being reframed as part of larger and more broad-reaching sets of ideas, with a more direct bearing on current social issues. This discussion needs to happen, and it needs to recognize that the world of today is a very different place – economically, culturally, socially and politically – than the world of two or three decades ago.

    We’re in the process of putting together some thoughts on how, exactly, established naturist groups / communities and individuals of older generations can help promote the movement’s ideals among the millennial crowd. Hopefully we’ll come up with something workable.

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